Will our products fit other vehicles?
We design and manufacture completely custom fit products. Our cargo liners will only fit the model they are specified for.

What are our cargo liners made from?
We sell cargo liners in 2 different fabrics, our regular version and our premium quilted version. Our regular cargo liners are made from a one layer of marine-type canvas, with a waterproof coating on the underside. Our quilted liner is 2 layers sandwiching foam padding in between, and is also waterproof.

Are our cargo liners waterproof?
Yes, all our cargo liners are waterproof.

The liner covers the power socket / light / vents ?
Our liners are designed to offer complete protection to your cargo area. In order to do this it is often necessary to cover features such as power sockets, internal lights and vents. Please see our detailed listing photographs to determine what features are accessible with the cargo liner installed.

Can I get adhesive-backed hook and loop fastener from you, as the original has come unstuck?
Some of our cargo liners require this to install. Please send us a message at info@northamericancustomcovers.com, and we’ll happily send you a replacement strip for free within 2 years of your order.

How to clean your cargo liner?
Our liners are not machine washable. Wipe the liner down with a damp cloth, or use a general kitchen or bathroom cleaner. If your liner needs a more complete clean, then you can remove the liner and hose it down (but not with a pressure washer as these are too intense for the material to withstand). Please ensure that your liner is dry before re-fitting.

Product warranty
All our products come with a 6 month warranty against manufacturer defects. Should you notice a manufacturing fault, please contact us immediately to arrange a return / replacement. Usage of our covers is at the sole risk and discretion of the user. North American Custom Covers is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use or misuse of our covers.